ILA Berlin 2016

This year I once again had the chance to be part of the Panavia team at ILA in Berlin. The show was two days shorter than in 2014, which didn’t make it less stressful. I had the chance to meet some great people though and the team was great to work with. I had the […]

Durnbach War Cemetery

On the 1st of November a collegue and I went to Durnbach War Cemetery near Tegernsee. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission ( gave us permission to take photos there. It is the resting place of almost 3000 Allied soldiers, mainly airmen of the Royal Airforce. Other nationals are buried there as well, e.g. from Australia, […]

Axalp 2015

Again no luck at Axalp this year. The first rain clouds came in on Tuesday when we arrived. The event on Wednesday was already cancelled the evening before. On Thursday we went up the mountain but the show was cancelled last minute. So we were only able to take some photos of choppers on Tuesday […]

Glacial Cannyon Rosenlaui

As it was raining cats, dogs and all sorts of other animals on Wednesday and the Axalp show was cancelled, we went to a very nice place to take some photos: the glacial canyon in Rosenlaui. Brilliant location for long time exposures. Best of all: no rain in the canyon.

Lunar Eclipse 2015

2.50am on September 28, 2015. Time to get up for a total lunar eclipse. Most of the night was cloudless. The beginning of the eclipse was great to watch. A 3.45am the first clouds came in. Shortly before totality of the eclipse the Moon disappeared behind a rather think layer of clouds. I was able […]