Übung macht den Meister

I’d like to post a little making-of. I needed a b/w picture of the “Fun” category of a photo competition. I showed a photo of my daughter to some guys from the photo club. They  found it quite funny so I decided to pursue the idea – sucessfully. Won the first prize in the b/w […]

Tornados in Manching

Today was a good day to see a Tornado formation. Also the unexpected visit of a DLR A320 made this a worthwhile visit. My daughter joined me and was having fun, too.

First Flight ASSTA 3.1

Today was the first flight of an ASSTA 3.1 series Tornado in Manching. Got the chance to take some more photos and I was lucky enough to get an unpainted A400M in front of my lens.


Comets are great objects to take photos of with very simple equipment. Mostly I only use a tripod and one of my prime lenses (50mm, f/1.4; 105mm, f/2.8), take a couple of photos and combine them with “Deep Sky Stacker”. Here are the results.