Finally! The first time I tried to capture a lunar ISS transit was about about half a year ago. I pretty much messed it up. Since then we had a couple of transits which could be watched from not too far away, but we either had bad weather or I simply was not at home… Today looked promising and I did not even have to pack my stuff into the car. I was pretty close to the transit centre, so I could shoot from our drive. And it worked … YAY! The picture is a combination of 29 frames. The whole transit time was just about one second (check the video).

I captured a video from the live view on the computer, so the resolution is not as good as it could be. One still gets the idea though…

Shot with my Vixen AC 80/1200 and a Canon EOS 7D.

Greetings to Alexander Gerst


The ISS and the Sun

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