Well, October is not quite over yet, but when I look at the weather forecast and the fact that we’ll have Full Moon soon, I believe I can already post my October photos. After the Heart Nebula, the obvious choice for my next DSO was the Soul Nebula. Only one session – I guess my focus was not ideal. Also wanted to gather some more data for M31 – not happy with the result at all, so no M31 in the gallery. I then went for the California Nebula. I believe the result is pretty much my best deepsky photo so far. Focus is good. Had enough endurance to shoot the same object for two nights (weekend, so the scope was running until 3am). Gathered 7h worth of data – used 6.5h in DSS. I have posted the 6.5h and 3.5h photos. Quite a difference. Oh, and the Moon is back of course – did a mosaic since the Moon does not quite fit onto the sensor of my ZWO ASI 178MC in combination with my new ED127 FCT-100 😉 Also did some close-up shots with a Barlow lens as well. Oh and there was a close encounter between the Moon and Mars. 250mm and a full frame sensor were enough to capture it.

Oh, I ordered myself a 12nm Ha Filter, so DSO photography at the same time as the Moon is out is not a nogo any longer…

October Update

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